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Our Company is born from a long experience matured in the field of restaurants using only exclusive products of Italian gastronomy and in particular of Molise. Our aim is to satisfy the palate of our customers with products of taste qualitatively unique and inimitable, thanks to our big attention in researching raw material, caring about particulars and choosing only local producers in which we entrust. We rigorously offer Made in Italy products of high quality and we give to consumers the possibility to propose again with them, on their tables, traditional recipes.

Our land


Surrounded by woods of oaks and holms, in the most typical Apennine landscape, Molise is considered one of the first European regions for fine White Truffle growth. A product of high quality that let it be researched and appreciated, not only in our tables but also in the kitchens of the finest restaurant in Italy and abroad.

What are Truffles?

Truffle is an hypogeum mushroom, it means that it lives underground, as all mushrooms has a radical apparatus constituted by an often weaving fixed, branched and very extensive, of whitish filaments (hyphae).
The fruit, with a tuber shape, is constituted by a flashy mess, called “glebe”, covered by a sort of bark called “peridium”. The features of structure and color of these parts allow to easy distinguish different types of truffle.
In Italy there are more thank twenty-five variety of truffle, but only few are edibles and have commercial importance.

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